Questions & Answers


Does The Berkshire Youth Trust operate exclusively in Berkshire?

The Trust was born out of the long-standing traditions of Berkshire Youth, which has been dedicated to supporting young people across the county for over 75 years. At present the Trust’s projects continue to be based in Berkshire – however the work we engage in is required all over the country. We hope to inspire people far beyond our county borders and perhaps, one day, expand beyond them ourselves.


Who is Berkshire Youth?

Berkshire Youth is a registered charity that has delivered youth support services for over 75 years and is now looking to refurbish the Waterside Centre to transform it into a facility to base its work. Berkshire Youth provides a range of services for young people, particularly those who are vulnerable or disadvantaged.


What is the Waterside Centre Project?

The Waterside Centre is a Berkshire Youth project, establishing a central hub for youth support services in Newbury for years to come. The project involves the purchase and refurbishment of the Waterside Youth Centre, in order to bring the centre back into a fully functioning building.

Targeting whom

Who will benefit from the Waterside Centre Project?

The project will help young people in West Berkshire, providing a safe space 7-days-a-week for those whom are at risk of isolation, exclusion and targeting from gangs. The Waterside Centre will be an Inspired Facility, supporting young people aged 10-18 through challenging life transitions/events to help them make the right choices, grow in resilience and mature as individuals and members of society.


Why is this needed in West Berkshire?

While it is considered as one of the more affluent areas of the UK, West Berkshire is not without major challenges – particularly for young people. It is one of the worst performing areas in terms of social mobility in the country (265th out of 324), and with over 3,000 young people with a mental health disorder. Last year Berkshire Youth assisted over 12,500 young people.

The project is ultimately about early intervention, helping young people who are in need of support and providing a place where they can improve their lives and grow as members of society. With county lines becoming more and more of a prevalent issue, prevention has never been so necessary as it is now.


When will the project be completed?

Phase 1 of the the building is complete and the Waterside is fully functional. We now seek to raise money for the 2nd phase which will include the construction of a climbing tower.


How has the money been raised to fund the project?

The project has received support from private individuals and charitable organisations. We are still working to secure an additional £280K to reach the funding target of £1.5M required for the ongoing refurbishment of the building.